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Modern productivity

Pen and ink

Math input control

Already available in OneNote and Window, math input control is now available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can write math equations with a digital pen, a pointing device, or even your finger, and have the ink converted to a “typed” format.

Ease of use

Improved conflict resolution in PowerPoint

This feature simplifies resolving conflicts when coauthoring. You can choose between two versions of the conflicting slides, your changes or others' changes, instead of sifting through the individual conflicts.

Quick Shape Formatting

This feature increases the number of default shape styles by introducing new “preset” styles in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

New timeline view in Project

We’ve improved the timeline view in Microsoft Project so you can now have multiple timeline bars in a single view and you can set the date range for timeline bars so they can just represent a specific phase of your project. To try this out, click on the timeline and then go to the Format tab. Note the new Date Rage and Insert Timeline Bar commands.

Visio getting started feature

Visio diagramming can be intimidating for someone who is new to Visio and not used to the rich set of tools offered. The Getting Started experience now makes the Visio canvas more inviting by providing a select set of pre-crafted starter diagrams which will help the users in some of the very core scenarios for that template. In addition, there are some tips provided with the diagram which help the users in editing and completing their diagram creation experience. Using Visio is easier than ever.

Higher DPI support for 250% and 300%

The preview has higher DPI support for 250% and 300% so that your Office documents look great on larger screens.

Pan and zoom while loading large charts/SmartArt

No more waiting while large charts and SmartArt diagrams load as the text will appear right away, allowing you to dive right in and start editing. A placeholder for the chart or SmartArt will be displayed until the object fully renders but you can still interact with the document.

Colorful Office theme

We’ve changed the default Office theme to align with the visuals of our modern apps. The default theme is now “Colorful” (previously, the default theme was “White”). You can always change your theme by going to File > Account > Office Theme.

Insert images with the correct orientation

Now, with automatic image rotation, once you insert an image into the apps, it automatically rotates the picture to match the camera’s orientation. You can manually rotate the image to any position after insertion. Note that this only affects newly inserted images and does not apply to pictures in existing documents.

Lync is now Skype for Business

The preview shows off the new avatar of Lync, recently rebranded Skype for Business, complete with the new logo and branding in the user interface. There are a whole host of new features to try out including the Call Monitor, one of Skype’s popular features. When you move focus away from the current call, you'll get a mini version of the call with Mute and End Call buttons so you can interact with the call while working on other things. The "Peek" menu/conversation control simplification is now no longer hidden until you hover. By aligning with Skype's core conversation controls and flattening our task menu hierarchy, you have quicker access to tasks and can discover feature easily. Power users need fast and easy access to dial-pad and other calling features and in Skype for Business, you have a refreshed dial pad layout that reduces the number of clicks to the core call management tasks. Similar to the consumer chat experience, chat message bubbles are now included in updated IM experience and the new tab layout in the conversation window gives you unread message notifications so you’re always informed.

Content refresh in Visio

The Building Plan and Electrical stencils have been refreshed with new shapes so you have more variety to choose from.

Outlook email attachments

Now you can save time by easily attach Office documents from the Ribbon or Action Bar that you most recently used to your Outlook emails by picking your document from the dropdown options. For files already in OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, you have the option to share them as an “Edit” or “View only” link instead of as a traditional attachment, thereby enabling collaboration on one copy of a document instead of several.

Outlook search people suggestions

When you search for mail in Outlook, and your search string looks like a person you communicate with regularly, you’ll see people suggestions, making it easy to find just mails involving them.

Use Clutter in Outlook to sort low priority messages

Clutter moves low priority messages out of your Inbox and into their own folder, saving you time when you scan for important messages. Clutter looks at what you've done in the past to determine the messages you’re most likely to ignore. It then moves those messages to a folder in your Inbox called Clutter items. The Clutter items folder will be available regardless of how you access your account. From Outlook desktop, you can access your Clutter folder, configure your clutter experience, and indicate that an individual mail is not clutter.

Read-only mode for Excel

Open up an Excel workbook within SharePoint quickly in read-only mode to quickly get to what matters most.

New Chinese and Japanese Default Fonts

In Office 2016, existing Japanese and Simplified Chinese fonts have been updated with a Unified modern look and feel across the primary authoring apps: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook Mail and OneNote.

Cloud connection

Making it easier to share files and collaborate

These changes bring together two key aspects of collaboration: who has access to a given document and who is currently working with you on the document. Now you can view both pieces of information in one place from the Share dialog box.

Save As Improvements

These improvements streamline the saving process for new files by enabling you to pick a location in OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or on your local machine, provide a file name, and then click Save. Saving a file is now as easy as creating one, and it can all be done in the Backstage in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Note   This is a first look at this feature and may not be available throughout the entire Preview.

Real time co-authoring in Word

When you're collaborating on a document, you can see text changes others are making as well as the location of their cursor within the document. Changes are displayed automatically as people use and update the document. This capability will be available when working in documents stored on OneDrive for Business and Office 365 SharePoint sites.
Note   This is a first look at this feature and may not be available throughout the entire Preview.

Updated backstage user interface

Now backstage, the place from where you can open and save documents, is more intuitive as far as storage locations are concerned. The Browse button is much more visible and in the Open and Save As tabs, the order of storage locations tabs has been updated to reduce confusion. For instance, One Drive > OneDrive for Business > Online Locations > local computer. To avoid confusion, for online storage locations, corresponding email addresses have been added to tab labels to help distinguish the tabs from one another. The Browse button in each Open/Save As pane has also been elevated for improved visibility and quicker entry into the file explorer.

Cloud attachments in Outlook

Sending links to documents in the cloud enables everyone to access the latest version of the document and allows collaboration (when you want it) on that one master copy. With this version of Outlook, you are now able to pick and attach files on your SharePoint or OneDrive accounts even if they don’t appear in your recent items list. When you choose a document to attach to mail that already lives in OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, a link is automatically attached (and appropriate permissions are granted.) You can set permissions for each file, and select whether to share it as a classic attachment, an embedded attachment, or a cloud attachment.
If the file does not already live in your OneDrive (for Business or Personal), Outlook will also now allow you to quickly upload it and send as a cloud attachment. Or if you receive attachments that you quickly want to save to your OneDrive for access later, you can do so as well.

Lean Outlook storage footprint on small devices

By default, Outlook used to download a month of email on smaller devices and that was the shortest time frame of email you could download. Now, you can now choose from among the following values - 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days - through your account settings to have only your most recent email so you can get to what matters most quickly.

Support for small screen portrait layouts in Outlook

Similar to the Outlook experience on Windows Phone, you can now select a message from the list and see the reading pane fly in from the right of the screen. Simply use the back button to return to the message list.

Intelligent experiences

Insights for Office

Already available in Word and Outlook, this is now available in Excel and PowerPoint and helps you learn more about your content by bringing you precisely the right information in context of what you are reading or writing about. With information from a variety of sources like Bing Snapshot, Wikipedia, Bing image search and Oxford dictionary, you can do anything from a quick look up to a detailed exploration without leaving the Office application. Insights can be accessed by right clicking a word or phrase, through the Review tab on the ribbon, or via the Tell Me box. Insights is powered by Bing and uses the selected text and some surrounding content to get contextually relevant results.



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